Aimtec (Montreal, Canada) has expanded its line of DC/DC switching regulators with the launch of two new series: AMSR1.5-78-NZ and AMSR2-78-NZ (AMSRx-78-NZ). Feature rich with pin-to-pin replacements of 78xx linear regulators, the AMSRx-78-NZ switching regulators provide highly regulated (±1%) output voltages ranging as low as 2.5 VDC up to 6 VDC. Maximum output currents of 1.5A or 2A are produced at efficiency rates of up to 93% that remain virtually constant over the entire input range. Low output ripple and noise (45mV p-p) make these robust converters ideal for noise sensitive applications.

Wide input ranges extend from 4.75-18 VDC to 8-18 VDC for models, allowing these highly reliable products to be powered from unregulated sources. Designed in a lightweight (4g) SIP3 package (11.50 × 8.90 × 17.50mm), the AMSRx-78-NZ series are pin compatible to the TO-220 package and ideal for space critical configurations such as portable power and stand-by-power applications. Other important and useful features include continuous short circuit protection, output current limiting and thermal shutdown. Aimtec’s DC-DC switching regulator converters operate continuously at full load without derating below +71°C, within an ambient temperature range of -40° to +85°C.

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