Alligator Technologies (Costa Mesa, CA) has introduced the USBPGF-S1™, a USB controlled single channel programmable signal conditioning instrumentation amplifier and low pass filter. It can configure itself from power-up with changeable but non-volatile configuration and operates independently in both “Turn-Key” and host-computer-controlled scenarios. It is compatible with 12, 16, or 24-bit A/D devices, and allows the user to mix and match filter characteristics and independently select and program each module’s coupling (AC or DC), corner frequency, and gain steps up to x1000 in either single-ended or differential measurements.

Multiple modules can operate on the same USB bus, and once configured, it can operate without the USB connection for turn-key applications. Each unit can be configured as an 8-pole Butterworth, Bessel, elliptic, or linear phase filter characteristic. Each module can be independently wired for differential or single-ended measurement, attenuation up to 90 dB, and AC or DC software selected signal coupling. It has an internal corner frequency control source, or it can be dynamically controlled from an external source providing a low pass filter corner frequency from 0.1 Hz to 200 kHz as well as syncing for tracking filter applications. Modular screw terminal connection plugs and BNC connectors are built in. The SystemViewUSBPGF-S1™ software package allows the user to program all of the USBPGF-S1 parameters; configurations are automatically saved and recalled for fast setup and execution.

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