Ninth-Generation X-Wall DX Processor.

Enova Technology Corp. (San Jose, CA) has announced its ninth-generation X-Wall DX processor, a real-time hardware encryption device. The processor encrypts all USB mass storage class (MSC) devices at USB 2.0 wire speed with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and CSE (Communication Security Establishment) certified hardware for AES ECB and CBC mode of operation. Entire data-at-rest, including MBR (Master Boot Record) and Boot Sectors, are AES-encrypted. The device features FIPS 140-2 certification numbers 1471 and 1472 for the X-Wall MX-256 and X-Wall MX-256C crypto modules, respectively.

The X-Wall DX equips complete USB2.0 MSC host and device protocol stacks, allowing it to be embedded onto a motherboard USB host controller, a device USB controller, or as an independent adaptor. The tool transparently encrypts all USB storage devices including disk drive, SSD, Flash, and SD, and does not take up one specific USB port. The X-Wall DX processor splits the entire storage into Public Disk Partition and Cipher Disk Partition.

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