RT Logic (Colorado Springs, CO), a subsidiary of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, has released SpectralNet, the only commercially available product that enables the lossless transport of packetized RF over IP networks, over any distance, even in the presence of real world IP network limitations. By digitizing RF signals for transport over IP networks – public or private – in a way that preserves both their frequency and timing characteristics, SpectralNet uniquely restores the RF signals for use at their destination by legacy analog equipment.

Removing the distance constraints between antennas and signal processing equipment, SpectralNet's patent pending technology enables operators to deploy new ground architectures with numerous advantages, such as the ability to mitigate the effects of rain fade for Ku/Ka satellites, reduce costs by centralizing operations, simplify disaster recovery and system maintenance, optimize antenna placement and develop a migration path toward virtual ground systems. This capability enables powerful architectural advantages for antenna facilities, operations centers, and the communications ground segment enterprise that improve flexibility and lower operation and maintenance costs.

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