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Robotics Centre, Inc. and Smith Myers recently announced that the Smith Myers ARTEMIS Mobile Phone detection, location and communication suite has been integrated into the new Robotics Centre Echo SAR (Search and Rescue) payload for small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) built by Teledyne FLIR Defense. Echo SAR enables operators to quickly find, map, and interact with mobile phone handsets in fast moving disaster situations, aiding and boosting the ability of first responders to locate victims and save lives.

Designed for use on Teledyne FLIR's R80D SkyRaider™ and SkyRanger® R70 drones, the advanced Echo SAR payload will provide users with the stand-alone ability to find an individual mobile handset, conduct mass mapping of mobile phones in out-of-service areas, and to communicate either with individuals or groups of mobile phones.

“Previously, ARTEMIS airborne capabilities were only available for use on manned rotary and fixed-wing platforms,” said Dr. Eric Karmouch, CTO of Robotics Centre. “Now, for the first time, this life-saving technology can be deployed in minutes on a small quad-rotor UAV, providing a whole new capability to SAR operators working in the most difficult conditions.”

The operationally proven Teledyne FLIR R80D SkyRaider and SkyRanger R70 UAVs, used by military and public safety agencies worldwide, are rugged, all-weather platforms well suited for search and rescue missions. Easily deployed and operated by a single user, the drones can provide extended situational awareness when and where it's needed most.

Robotics Centre, Inc., established in 2009, is an Ottawa-based company that works with government, SAR, and industrial clients to create integrated unmanned systems solutions to address a wide range of challenges.

Established in 1984, Smith Myers is a UK company specializing in the design, development, manufacture and support of application-specific cellular network and handset capabilities for network operators, government agencies, law enforcement, military, and search and rescue organizations.

Teledyne FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, was founded in 1978 and specializes in intelligent sensing solutions for defense and industrial applications.

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