Marvin Test Solutions
Irvine, CA

The Indonesian Air Force recently selected Marvin Test Solutions’ MTS-206A Maverick Field Test Set and MTS-916-3 Modular Target Simulator to support testing of their AGM-65 (Maverick) missile and launcher systems, as part of an FMS (Foreign Military Sale) contract. Part of Marvin Test Solutions’ comprehensive suite of test solutions for both legacy and today’s precision-guided “smart” weapon systems, the MTS-206A and MTS-916 provide advanced testing capabilities to maintainers at the intermediate and depot levels.

Precision guided “smart” weapons have become the munition of choice for advanced militaries throughout the world. The ability to efficiently and effectively perform functional electronic testing on these complex optical guidance devices is necessary to maintain high mission readiness by ensuring proper performance and safe operation.

The MTS-206A is a state-of-the-art portable test set for both the AGM-65 Maverick missile system and AGM-114 missiles. It combines the test capabilities of an I-Level test set in a compact, rugged enclosure suitable for field use. The MTS-206A performs parametric functional tests on Hellfire Missiles and on Maverick missile system components including: AGM-65 missile (all versions in tactical and training configurations), AGM-65 missile sections (GCS & CAS, all versions in tactical and training configurations), LAU-117 and LAU-88 Maverick launchers (all versions), and launcher-missile clusters.

The design of the MTS-206A is based on PXI technology. PXI, PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation, is now being specified by most military and commercial customers as the platform of choice for field, intermediate, and depot test equipment due to its rugged construction, high performance, and cost-effectiveness. The MTS-206A shares the same architecture as the MTS-209 Common Armament Test Set, MTS-235 JSF Armament Test Set, AN/TSM-205B Hellfire System Test Set, and the PATS-70 Portable Avionics Test Set.

The MTS-206A is controlled by an integrated LCD display and touch screen - Remote Control & Display Unit (RCDU). The RCDU allows operation of the MTS-206 from distances of up to 25 feet. The modular PXI chassis is secured via five shock absorbers to enable the MTS-206A to meet stringent shock and vibration requirements. Built-in heaters for the PXI chassis and the RCDU allow the MTS-206A to operate in extremely low temperatures.

The menu-driven design of the MTS-206A simplifies operation and minimizes required training. The Main Menu provides for quick selection of the UUT by type and automatically configures the MTS-206A for testing. Cable detection is automatic and, in the event of a misconnection, prompts instruct the user as to which cables are required and how to identify and connect them. For AGM-65 seeker slewing and boresighting, the MTS-206A utilizes an embedded video window displayed on the RCDU and a virtual joystick that significantly reduces operating time and the learning curve.

The MTS-916 is a state-of-the-art target simulator for optically-guided weapons such as the AGM-65 and TGM-65 Maverick missiles and guidance sections, MAU-169 Paveway kits, and AGM-114 missiles. Originally designed to replace the obsolete AN/DSM-129 (TV/CCD simulator) and the obsolete AN/DSM-787 (IR simulator), the MTS-916 is fully compatible with any Maverick tester using these legacy simulators, including the obsolete AN/DSM-157 (GMTS) as well as the new state-of-the-art MTS-206. Since its initial deployment, the MTS-916 family has been expanded to support testing of MAU-169 Paveway kits (Laser), the AGM-65E/E2, L Maverick, and the AGM-114 Hellfire missile family. Laser variants of the MTS-916 employ a solid-state target design with no moving parts while the TV, CCD, and IR variants employ a moving collimator architecture with precision movement control.

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