KONGSBERG Protech Systems (KPS)
Johnstown, PA

KONGSBERG Protech Systems (KPS), one of the world's leading suppliers of Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) recently unveiled their latest system developments at the Orbital ATK Bushmaster User Conference. The Bushmaster demonstration showcased the PROTECTOR LW30, with a M230 LF cannon and the PROTECTOR Medium Caliber (remote) Turret (MCT) with both 30mm and Super 40mm cannons.

Mobile Weapons Stations by KONGSBERG Protech Systems (KPS)

The centerpiece of the event was the demonstration of the PROTECTOR MCT's flexibility to “upgun” from a standard 30mm configuration, to a 40mm cannon with no changes to the turret structure. The demonstration included live fire with both 30mm and 40mm high explosives and programmable airburst munitions, giving the audience proof of the increased effects on a variety of targets.

In addition, KONGSBERG demonstrated its PROTECTOR LW30, firing in moving and static scenarios. The PROTECTOR LW30 was able to demonstrate full station functionality and mobility, firing without physical restraints on the system and successfully engaging targets out to ~1,000 meters.

What gave the unveiling added significance was the fact that it successfully demonstrated the ability to leverage the U.S. Common Remotely Operated Weapon System (CROWS) family of systems to support new weapons development, effectively leveraging the U.S government (USG) (owned) Technical Data Package (TDP) and the expansive CROWS supply chain (and industrial base).

Both systems demonstrated at the Bushmaster event were advanced prototypes, in each case significantly drawing from serial production systems. In the case of the LW 30, that system is a derivative of CROWS, approximately 60% common. In the case of the MCT-30, it is virtually identical to the current Stryker deliveries for “Dragoon,” but has (included) a dual control / dual user capability as well as a commander's independent sensor system.

Kongsberg Protech Systems (KPS) is the principal supplier of RWS systems to the U.S. DoD. Between the M151 RWS and M153 CROWS variants, KPS has delivered to the U.S. Army over 15,000 RWS/CROWS systems. In addition, KPS has developed, qualified, and is presently in serial delivery of similar remote weapon station systems (by weight / class) to the United States Navy (USN) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC). KPS is also the provider of the Medium Caliber (MCT-30) remote turret system for the Stryker “Dragoon.”

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