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GECO, from UK-based Inzpire, is a military grade rugged touchscreen tablet mission system that is currently in frontline operational use with the British Armed Forces, and is also fielded internationally on 15 different aircraft types including fighter planes and attack and support helicopters.

GECO provides a suite of features (apps) at the pilot's fingertip that are designed to enhance safety, improve situational awareness, and increase mission performance. Designed by Inzpire's team of engineers, supported by aircrew, the tablet can be hand-held, knee-mounted or integrated directly into the aircraft. It significantly improves the effectiveness and speed of mission execution by incorporating multiple functions into one app-based, touchscreen tablet.

The system can be used to assist pilots with pre-flight planning, take-off and landing, and navigation. The technology also greatly improves mission management integrating GPS, digital mission maps, satellite imagery, hazard warnings, and situational awareness aides. The user can embed tactical data such as targeting imagery and weapon/missile threats. An additional benefit, GECO records missions to assist with training and analysis during mission debriefs. It is highly durable, can be used with gloves, and is anti-glare.

Examples of GECO's apps include 'Points of Interest' which enables the identification of specific locations in and beyond the operating environment. The user can accurately allocate ground-based threats, recce areas of particular interest, and generate geo-referenced information.

Another feature of GECO is 'Vcalcz', an Electronic Performance Planning Aid (EPPA) into which the pilot can record necessary data before a mission, such as fuel levels, payload and aircraft temperature to ascertain that it is safe to take off. The only safety certified electronic system that offers this capability to the market, the Vcalcz has been used on extensive operations and in training with the Royal Air Force's Tornado squadrons. GECO is also attracting broad international interest and has been in operation with the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) since 2013. It is now in use on all RJAF helicopters and F16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets.

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