GE (Towcester, UK) will be supplying General Dynamics UK with subsystems required for the Demonstration Phase of the Scout Specialist Vehicle family of platforms being designed for the British Army. The Scout SV family of platforms will deliver a step change in ground-based ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) capability. It is a purpose-designed groundbased intelligence platform with an array of high-performance sensors, coupled with the latest (20 Gbits/second) Gigabit Ethernet intelligent open architecture. This will enable it to capture, analyze, manipulate and store over 6 TeraBytes of intelligence data, including a vast array of still and moving images, and to share this intelligence in real-, or very-near-real-time, depending on requirements. Thanks to this capability, Scout SV’s crew will be able to provide commanders with better decision-making support material than that currently available only from airborne ISTAR platforms or UAVs. Data will be readily passed to other secure C4I systems, including those of US and other NATO allies.

The GE subsystems comprise rugged processors derived from GE’s MAGIC1 and SBC624 Single Board Computer, and rugged Ethernet switches derived from GE’s GBX460. They will provide information processing capability for Scout SV, manage on-vehicle networks, control data storage, and drive the vehicle’s displays. GE has provided COTS-equivalent solutions to enable General Dynamics UK to begin software development immediately.

The Scout SV is expected to deliver a number of key advantages to the British Army including:

  • A modern, high-performance drivetrain, which is good for the 30-year life of the vehicle, thereby obviating the need for a mid-life upgrade;
  • Load-carrying potential of up to 42 tons, which provides the ability to meet future threats likely to appear over its entire 30-year life;
  • A common base platform that will support all variants such as an armored personnel carrier, protected mobility vehicle, a repair vehicle, and a recovery vehicle;
  • A patented proprietary open electronic architecture, available across all variants, which will make the SV fleet easier to maintain, ease the training burden, and play a key role in lowering costs throughout the life of the vehicles; and
  • An advanced turret design which, because of its internal space and leading ergonomics, delivers improved survivability and fightability for its crew.
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