FoxFury (Vista, CA) has introduced new side-worn helmet lights that attach to Special Ops, EMS and Flight helmets via the side mounting screw or industrial Velcro. These TX helmet lights are available with either white or multi-colored LEDs and offer a breakaway design to prevent the user from becoming entangled, reducing risk of injury. These lights also feature a Quick Tilt and Spin capability to aim the light where needed. The TX-0 Multi-Color Special Ops Helmet Light (P/N 600-404) features 1 each Red, White, Blue and IR LED (4 Modes). The TX-1 Special Ops Helmet Light (P/N 600-400) features 3 White LEDs and On/Off operation. Both run on 2 CR2032 batteries and offer up to 24 hours of light. These lights are waterproof, fire resistant and impact resistant. Helmet mounting capability includes: ACH, MICH and PASGT.

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