NASA Langley uses pilots, like Dan Kiggins, to test new technologies, including head-mounted display concepts, in its flight simulators to improve aviation safety and efficiency. (NASA/David C. Bowman)

Through an agreement between NASA and American Airlines, engineers and scientists at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA, will work to improve flight training, cockpit displays, and other flight deck operations. They will have the chance to fly as observers in the cockpit during at least a half-dozen round-trip American flights each year to get firsthand knowledge of flight crew actions and reactions.

NASA researchers will also be able to visit American Airlines simulators a couple of times a year to observe operations and test concepts. Part of the collaboration includes American participation in NASA testing, such as providing professional pilots. NASA Langley also has flight simulators it uses to develop new cockpit technologies and procedures aimed at making flights safer and more efficient.