McCarter Machine, Inc. (Deer Park, TX), has developed a patented process to make smooth, precise, defect-free mirrors. The company uses silicon boules that are free of residual stress, which enables rapid machining with the use of conventional tools. The company has patented its grinding and “superfinishing” techniques.

Patented machining technique offers cost-effective alternative to beryllium and silicon carbide
McCarter received MDA funding support through a 2005 SBIR Phase II contract. Commercial opportunities may exist in the production of faststeering, paper-thin mirrors. Such mirrors show promise in applications such as lithography, x-ray synchrotrons, and fabric-cutting tools for the apparel industry. The company’s additional offerings include a variety of precision-machining and silicon-process services.

For more information on McCarter Machine technology, visit . (Source: Douglas McCarter, McCarter Machine, Inc./NTTC; MDA TechUpdate, Missile Defense Agency, National Technology Transfer Center Washington Operations).

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