Acme Industrial Co., a division of Jergens (Carpentersville, IL), has introduced a line of key-locked fasteners for aerospace, military, and electronics use with a one-piece design to provide high pull-out strength and torque-out. They are driven into the threads of the surrounding base material to securely lock them into place and provide a mechanical lock against vibration. They are produced to NAS and SAE standards, and are available in a range of inch and metric sizes, in both lightweight and heavy-duty versions. The studs are available in a variety of materials, including 303, A286, 17-4PH CRES, and 4140 alloy steel. They are suitable for use in soft materials such as aluminum or magnesium, and can be installed using standard drills and taps. The studs can be removed without damage to the material by using a standard screw extractor.

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