X-Scan Imaging Corp. (San Jose, CA) has introduced the XH8800 Series line-scan camera for imaging high-energy x-ray and gamma-ray scanning applications. The camera images large, dense objects such as metal casting and steel objects with thicknesses ranging from 4 to 12". Standard camera models are available in seven active sensor lengths ranging from 154 to 1,542 mm, including a range of resolutions from 96 to 30,720 pixels on centers as small as 50 μm.

The camera incorporates CMOS silicon imaging detector array chips with on-chip integrated signal processing circuits designed for visible wavelength and x-ray sensitive applications. Each camera includes a contiguous linear array of photodiodes, low-noise signal processing circuitry, 16-bit ADCs, digital control, and CameraLink interface to a remote, PC-based frame grabber and data acquisition system. A metal enclosure design protects the camera electronics from the x-ray radiation. Various scintillation materials and a range of thicknesses can be provided.

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