Headwall Photonics (Fitchburg, MA) has announced the High Efficiency Hyperspec imaging sensor for airborne spectral sensing missions that require high levels of imaging performance. The hyperspectral sensors are used in the SWIR, NIR, and Extended VNIR spectral regions. It can be utilized for program deployment in volume on UAVs, piloted aircraft, and satellites. The sensor features optical throughput, spectral, and spatial resolution; flight path efficiency; and athermalized design. The Hyperspec platform is based on a patented, aberration-corrected, concentric sensor design. Available spectral ranges for the sensor are Near Infrared (NIR) 900-1700 nm, Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) 900-2500 nm, and Extended VNIR (E-VNIR) 550-1700 nm.

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This article first appeared in the April, 2010 issue of Defense Tech Briefs Magazine.

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