Vision Research (Wayne, NJ) offers the Phantom® Miro™ Airborne digital high-speed camera that withstands the extreme environments associated with airborne applications. The rugged camera is designed for applications such as stores separation from manned aircraft or UAVs, miss distance calculations for missile deployment, or landing gear analysis. The camera features a CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 800×600, at which it can record 1,250 frames per second. With shutter speeds as low as two microseconds, users can freeze objects in motion, eliminate blur, and enhance details.

The camera features mounting plates with 1⁄4-20 holes on two sides, and lens mounting holes and flange-mount Hi-G and vibrationresistant lenses. It includes 2 GB of internal volatile memory for high-speed image capture and a CompactFlash card slot. After the camera is triggered, it immediately writes to internal memory and automatically transfers images to the removable non-volatile CompactFlash card.

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