The ADC10D1000 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) is designed for ground-based radar, data acquisition systems, and point-topoint base station communications. The ADC features a frequency of 248 MHz and spuriousfree dynamic range of 66 decibels relative to carrier (dBc), and 9.1 effective number of bits. It runs off a single supply voltage, and is driven by the 2.5-GHz LMH6554 wideband, fully differential amplifier. The ADC yields 2.52 picojoules per conversion.

The ADC's 2.8W power consumption enables system design without heat sinks over the -40 to 85°C temperature range. The ADC digitizes a pair of analog input signals at sampling rates to 1 GS/S, or a single analog input signal at speeds up to 2 GS/S. Additional features include AutoSync for multi-chip synchronization, and programmable gain and offset adjustment for each channel.

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