Radstone Embedded Computing, Billerica, MA, has announced the rugged CompactPCI MFIO-C6 multi-function I/O card that addresses CompactPCI applications in military computing. The card features an MPC8270 PowerQUICC II processor, 8 analog inputs, 7 open collector 250mA outputs, 48 LVTTL I/O channels, 5 LVDS output ports, 5 LVDS input ports, 2 10/100 BaseT Ethernet channels, and6 serial ports.

The card features a 3-axis accelerometer to enable tamper detection,and secure instant-erase SRAM in which the contents are automatically destroyed at power-off or as a result of another key event.The card occupies a single slot and interfaces to a variety of sensors, switches, and indicators. The low-power processor supports integralBIT diagnostics, initializes interfaces, and manages I/O through a shared memory scheme in order to reduce host processor loading. Serial ports allow connection to external peripherals and serial attached transducers. Discrete interfaces enable direct connection to other devices. The card supports CompactPCI hot-swap mechanisms and provides system-level functions such as an elapsed time indicator, real-time clock, and temperature sensor.

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This article first appeared in the February, 2007 issue of Defense Tech Briefs Magazine.

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