The Heim Data division of Zodiac DataSystems, Belmar, NJ, has introduced the D7000 airborne data acquisition and recording system designed for a range of operational and flight test applications. The system features adaptable signal interfacing and interchangeable media cartridges, and a rugged design for harsh environments. Configurable connector interfaces allow direct replacement of legacy video and data recorders.

The system offers up to 256 Mbps total system data rate, and employs media contained in interchangeable cartridges, letting the user choose and load either a rugged hard drive or solid-state media at any time. The packet-recording format enables data time tagging and channel-to-channel phase relationships. The systems are compatible with the IRIG106 Chapter 10 standard,including a compliant IEEE-1394b data download interface on the media cartridge. The system's mainframe has GigE data download capability, and the media SCSI interface provides a high-speed output to other Heim Data download and analog replay systems that are fitted with media cartridge receivers.

The system comes complete with an integral IRIG time code generator, and can synchronize to external IRIG and GPS time sources to provide sustained time tagging of recorded data.The system can be fitted optionally with an integral GPS receiver, integrating time reception, distribution, and data time tagging into a single package. The mainframe holds up to four multi-channel signal interface cards in any combination, providing a selection of interfacing such as concurrent recording of multiple video, PCM, and MIL-STD-1553 bus sources in a single unit. The user has access to configuration and control functions through integral serial, network, and discrete contact interfaces.

An additional power connector enables the unit to be powered from ground support equipment without disturbing the flight power connectors. The military-style connectors are front-mounted and can be suppliedin a generic configuration or with specific connector types and pin-out connector.

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