Micro Memory®, Chatsworth, CA, has introduced Anvil™, a data storage subsystem for recording real-time sensor signals in intelligence and surveillance applications such as radar, signal intelligence, electro-optical/infrared, and software-defined radio. Based on an embedded hardware architecture and solid-state SDRAM memory, the system enables data streams to be interleaved to deep memory buffers to ensure that sensor data is not lost to irregular transfer rates.

Anvil includes up to 64 GB of high-throughput, dual-access SDRAM memory that has been implemented to capture sensor data and rate buffer, and seamlessly transfer it to secondary, external hard disk drive media. The platform's four full-length, full-height PCI slots accommodate a variety of sensor input I/O, including A/D, serial FPDP, and custom LVDS or fiber links,as well as storage output I/O for fibre channel, SCSI, or SATA.

Once recorded, data can be accessed by management workstation consoles for playback analysis, or server farms for off-line processing. Depending on the application's bandwidth and storage requirements, workstationsand servers can access data directly from Anvil without relying onan intermediary hard disk drive storage resource. Anvil also provides"snapshot" data recording, and provides 32 sockets for industry-standard SODIMM modules. Each of the two memory arrays within Anvil can sustain data transfer rates of over 500 Mbps. The memory nodes also support multiple concurrent DMA operations,so data can be written into a single memory node while simultaneously being read out of the same memory node.

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This article first appeared in the February, 2007 issue of Defense Tech Briefs Magazine.

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