Position Sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions (Pennsauken, NJ) offers its LVDT Position Sensors in a range of construction materials to provide accurate and reliable position measurement for applications with extreme conditions. In addition to stainless-steel, NewTek uses special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium to extend the reliability of its displacement sensors in challenging environments with radiation, seawater, corrosive acids as well as high/low temperatures and pressures. The higher content of nickel, chromium and molybdenum in these alloys extend the sensor’s chemical resistance to seawater in depths to 10,000 ft or more and with external pressures of ~5000psi.

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RF Adaptors, Cable Assemblies

Rosenberger (Upper Bavaria, Germany) has developed a number of RPC-2.92 precision adaptors, microwave cable assemblies and compact calibration kits for applications up to 43.5 GHz. These products are designed for test & measurement applications in future 5G networks where a frequency range up to 43.5 GHz is required. The updated 43.5 GHz portfolio covers in-series adaptors, adaptors RPC.2-92 to RPC-1.85 and RPC-2.92 to RPC-2.40, test port adaptors, standard cable assemblies with RTK 125 cable or RTK 09270 cable as well as MSO (3-in-1) and MSOT (4-in-1) compact calibration kits.

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Surveillance Mission Control System

BIRD Aerosystems (Herzliya, Israel), a developer of Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) and Airborne Surveillance, Information, and Observation (ASIO) solutions, has unveiled the ASIO Holistic Solution – a complete end-to-end special mission task force solution tailored for maritime and ground surveillance missions. ASIO Holistic Solution is managed from a unified command & control (C&C) center that operates BIRD's advanced intelligence analysis systems 24/7. After assessing the targets, the operator designates the high-risk targets, and the ASIO C&C system tailors the required operations using the wide range of surface and air assets that are part of the ASIO task force, including the ASIO special mission aircraft, advanced UAV, ground vehicles, naval vessels, and others.

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Classified Data Storage Device

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions (Ashburn, VA) division has doubled the maximum storage capacity of the Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) used in its Data Transport System (DTS1) Network Attached Storage (NAS) device from 4TB to 8TB. With the increased storage capacity, the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Components List approved DTS1 can now support far longer missions for storing classified data on manned and unmanned vehicles. The DTS1 is the only Common Criteria-certified NAS solution approved by the NSA and approved by NATO with two certified encryption layers.

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Microwave Tuner

Mercury Systems Inc. (Andover, MA) announced the TAC-3290 family of adaptive microwave tuners that deliver multi-mission operation to a wide range of applications such as signal intelligence (SIGINT) and radio frequency (RF) testing. The compact, rugged design brings fast data processing to tactical operations in harsh environments while the flexible architecture increases digitizer compatibility eliminating complex, expensive system upgrades. Typical frequency converters receive signals in a pre-determined bandwidth, but many applications, from SIGINT to spectrum management, must operate on a wide range of varying signals. Mercury’s new series resolves this mismatch through a flexible architecture that allows the converters to adapt in real time, matching the signals of interest and optimizing performance.

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Thermal Gap Filler Pads

To accommodate diverse thermal cooling requirements, Fujipoly® (Carteret, NJ) offers four (4) formulations of Standard Performance Gap Filler Pads. Each of the products in the SARCON ® Standard Performance series have a different material construction in order to perfectly balance the performance demands of thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, gap thickness and production cost. This series of SARCON® thermal interface materials range in thickness from 0.50 mm to 5.00 mm. Depending on the material selected and application thickness, these products will provide a thermal conductivity between 1.3 and 4.5 W/m°K with a thermal resistance between 0.19 and 2.58 °Cin2/W.

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6U Single Board Computer

Abaco Systems (Huntsville, AL) announced the SBC6511, a rugged sixth generation 6U single board computer aligned with The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™, or SOSA™, technical standard that integrates the newest embedded CPU and FPGA technologies for rugged compute-intensive, heavy-throughput applications and gives users a technology insertion at the data plane, expansion plane, and control plane levels. The new design combines the latest Intel® Xeon ® E 9th Generation CPU (formerly known as Coffee Lake Refresh) with the Xilinx® Zynq ® UltraScale+™ FPGA with advanced security capabilities (ZU7EG) to yield maximum processing performance and security in a rugged, single 6U VPX slot. Additionally, the SBC6511 utilizes Mellanox ConnectX-5, facilitating dual 40 GigE KR4 data plane fat-pipes for increased bandwidth across the system.

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3U OpenVPX Backplanes

Pixus Technologies (Waterloo, Ontario), has announced new 3U OpenVPX backplane designs in multiple configurations. The new Open-VPX backplanes were designed utilizing the BKP3-CEN07-15.2.3 VITA 65 profile. The 7-slot backplane is designed to PCIe Gen3 speeds with options for higher levels. Pixus has also modified the base backplane design to include versions with cutouts for VITA 66.4 contacts for optical interfaces over OpenVPX. The company also offers single slot power and ground OpenVPX backplanes in VITA 65, VITA 67.3, and VITA 66.4 formats. The OpenVPX backplanes can be utilized in open frame or various 19" rack mountable chassis platform designs. Conformal coating is optional as are populating the Rear Transition Module (RTM) connectors.

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Synchronizer and Distribution Board

Pentek, Inc. (Upper Saddle River, NJ) has introduced a board to the Quartz® RFSoC Architecture family, the Model 5903, a 3U VPX high-speed synchronizer and distribution board, optimized for Pentek products using the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+ RFSoC.

The Model 5903 synchronizes up to eight 8-channel Pentek Quartz family boards within a system, enabling synchronous sampling and timing for a wide range of multichannel high-speed data acquisition, DSP, radar, beamforming, 5G, electronic warfare and software radio applications.

The Model 5903 provides four front panel MMCX connectors to accept input signals from external sources: one for reference clock, one for sync and two for gate/trigger signals.

The internal programmable clock generator can create sample clock frequencies from 1 to >5 GHz.

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Non-Contact Displacement Sensors

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., (Middletown, CT) has announced the release of its new AMS family of high-precision non-contact displacement sensors suitable for condition monitoring of rotating machinery in extreme-pressure environments from 500 psi to over 22,500 psi. Designed for a wide range of pressure environments, Kaman’s proprietary AMS, AMS-HP, and AMS-XHP precision sensing systems do not require a magnet and work with any ferro-magnetic target. They detect target position through non-magnetic, conductive, and non-conductive barriers, offer an RMS resolution down to 1 micron, and a standard measuring range up to 7mm.

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RFSoC-Based Data Acquisition Card

BittWare (Concord, NH), a Molex company, announced the RFX-8440 data acquisition card featuring the Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC (Radio Frequency System-on-Chip), from Xilinx, Inc. This innovative PCIe card leverages the unique capabilities of the gen-3 version of the Xilinx RFSoC to address the entire sub-6 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum, which is a critical need for applications such as 5G, LTE wireless, phased array RADAR and satellite communications. The Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC integrates RF-sampling ADCs and DACs, programable logic, and a multi-core ARM processor-based subsystem, creating a multi-channel data conversion and processing solution on a single chip.

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COTS 100Gb Ethernet 3U OpenVPX Chassis

Annapolis Micro Systems (Annapolis, MD) has developed a next-generation 3U OpenVPX Chassis that is both SOSA™-aligned and 40/100Gb Ethernet capable. The COTS benchtop chassis (WC3170) is designed from the ground up to speed development of 40/100GbE systems that are aligned with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard. The front-loading air-cooled chassis with backplane has seven conduction-cooled slots: four payload; one I/O-intensive SBC; one 40/100GbE switch; and one VITA 62 power supply delivering 700W. Payload slots feature VITA 66.5C and VITA 67.3C connectivity, and optional MIL-DTL-38999 SOSA-aligned circular connectors with 19 RF connections.

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PCIe Card

VadaTech (Henderson, NV) announced the PCI597, a new PCIe card with VU13P UltraScale+ and Massive Optical I/O. The module front panel I/O is via six board-mount optical assemblies, each providing 12 channel full-duplex transceivers with Clock Data Recovery (when using 28G transceivers) and fiber I/O via MTP/MPO. Transceivers are available in two speed grades, 10.6 Gb/s and 28.1 Gb/s per channel, both with multi-rate capability. The 10.6 Gb/s can drive 100 m over OM3 MM Fiber and 28.1 Gb/s can drive 100 m over the OM4 MM Fiber. The high number of ports allows a single FPGA to be the central point for data aggregation with over 1,700 Gb/s total bi-directional I/O.

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Single Board Computers and Modules

congatec (San Diego, CA) has launched Intel’s new low-power Intel Atom x6000E Series processor generation on five embedded form factors: SMARC, Qseven, COM Express Compact and Mini Computer-on-Modules, as well as Pico-ITX single board computers (SBCs). The different Intel Atom x6000E Series processors, Intel Celeron and Pentium N & J Series processors (code named “Elkhart Lake”), based on low-power 10 nm technology, will pave the way for a new generation of edge-connected embedded systems. The new congatec boards and modules can handle up to three simultaneous displays running at 4kp60 and offer 50% more multi-thread computing power compared to their predecessors on up to 4 cores.

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COM Express® Type 10 Mini Module

WINSYSTEMS (Grand Prairie, TX) announced the first release in its newly debuting computer-on-module product line: the COMeT10-3900 COM Express® Type 10 mini module. Leveraging the Intel Atom® E3900 series System on Chip (SoC) processor, the COMeT10-3900's performance empowers embedded computing in such applications as unmanned vehicles, digital surveillance, transportation, Mil/COTS, industrial automation and medical diagnostics. It offers up to 8GB LPDDR4 2400 MT/s for lightning-fast system memory. Hardware security is provided via the module's onboard discrete TPM 2.0 device for root-of-trust authentication. Operating temperature range is -40C° to +85°C. It also offers 4.75V to 20V DC power input and onboard eMMC 5.x storage options that extend from 8 GB to 128 GB.

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High-Altitude Electric Motor

Providing the motors for an all-electric aircraft intended to stay aloft for a year at a time was the challenge offered to specialist motor design and manufacturer Printed Motor Works (Hampshire, UK) by the aircraft’s designers, Prismatic. The aircraft is the PHASA-35, a high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (HALE UAV) with twin bespoke electric motors directly driving high-altitude propellers. Arrays of solar panels provide the power by day and recharge its batteries for flying at night. Although weighing only 150 kg, including a 15 kg payload, the ultra-thin carbon fiber craft has a 35m wingspan. The IR20E brushless DC motor has an open spoked, internal rotor design with an annular construction to produce maximum torque. The motor is designed to perform at ambient temperatures of -80°C and very low air pressure of 5.6 kPa.

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RISC-V Floating-Point Library

With all arithmetic functions hand-coded in assembly language, the memory footprint of RISC-V applications using floating-point code is minimized. The Floating-Point library complies with the RISC-V ABI standard and can be easily used as a plug-and-play replacement for any other floating point library. Replacing the GNU floating-point library used by most toolchains with the SEGGER (Monheim, Germany) assembly optimized equivalent results in an over 72% code size reduction of the benchmark application. The library supports RV32I, as well as the newly introduced RV32E embedded variant of the RISC-V core with the assembly-level code. The library can be licensed by end customers and toolchain suppliers.

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GPGPU Al Supercomputer

Aitech Systems (Chatsworth, CA) has released an upgraded, qualified version of its compact A178. Designed for intense data processing in extreme environments, the rugged GPGPU AI supercomputer reliably operates in the harsh conditions found throughout mobile, remote, military and autonomous platforms. The new A178 uses the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier System-on-Module that features the Volta GPU with 512 CUDA cores and 64 Tensor cores to reach 32 TOPS INT8 and 11 TFLOPS FP16. Four high definition HD-SDI inputs and eight composite inputs handle multiple streams of video and data simultaneously at full frame rates. Interfaces include Gigabit and 10GB Ethernet, DisplayPort output handling 4K resolution, USB 3.0 & 2.0 as well as DVI/HDMI output, UART serial and CANbus, among others.

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VNA Test Cables

Fairview Microwave Inc., (Irvine, CA) an Infinite Electronics brand, has just launched a new series of highly flexible VNA test cables designed to address a range of test and lab applications. Fairview Microwave’s new high-frequency VNA test cables display excellent electrical properties such as phase stability of +/- 6° at 50 GHz and +/- 8° at 70 GHz, as well as VSWR of 1.3:1 at 50 GHz and 1.4:1 at 70 GHz. The 50 GHz assemblies are terminated with 2.4 mm connectors, while the 70 GHz versions utilize 1.85 mm connectors. The braided, stainless steel armoring surrounding the coax provides a rugged but flexible cable with a flex life exceeding 100,000 cycles. Furthermore, these new VNA test cables are terminated with rugged, stainless-steel connectors that provide up to 5,000 mating cycles when attached with proper care.

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Programmable Output Power Supply

SynQor, Inc. (Boxborough, MA) released its new compact, lightweight, fully isolated military field-grade programmable output power supply (MPPS). The MPPS will accept a wide range of frequencies and 3-phase inputs and has three programmable DC output voltage options: 0-35 V, 0-55 V and 0-80 V, all up to 4 kW of output power. The power supply also includes a user-programmable current limit feature. This power supply is designed to meet the strictest military standards: MIL-STD-704F, 1275D, 461F, 1399-300B, and 810G. The units can operate in harsh environments (rain, sand, salt, high altitude) and can tolerate a wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.

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