Industrial 3D Metal Printer

VELO3D (Campbell, CA) announced its plans to launch a next-generation Sapphire industrial 3D metal printer with a vertical axis of 1 meter.

The technical features of the meter-tall Sapphire printer include a 315mm-diameter build plate, dual 1kW lasers, in-situ optical calibration, and many of the same characteristics of existing Sapphire machines. It will be the world’s tallest production metal-powder laser additive manufacturing system, exceeding the build height of both the SLM 800 and the GE Additive X Line 2000R.

The system will ship in Q4 2020, with precision-tool and component manufacturer Knust-Godwin. The system will be commercially available starting late 2020 and compatible with nickel-based alloys.

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Rotary Table Springs Force Tester

The L.S. Starrett Company (Athol, MA) has introduced a newly designed rotary table springs force tester. Multiple springs can be loaded and tested in the Rotary Table Force Tester System, and the system will provide a pass/fail report on each spring. Detailed information on each spring is also available including free length, spring rate, and critical load and distance points.

The rotary table springs tester solution features the Starrett FMS-1000-L3, a single-column force measurement system optimized for high-volume production and quality control testing. The FMS-1000-L3 frame has a 1000N (225 lbf) testing capacity for tensile or compressive testing. The system includes the test frame, controller & software. The controller features a Windows operating system with a high-resolution color, multi-touch display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 port(s). The rotary table springs force tester has L2 Plus software featuring analysis tools to measure and display results on a single graph.

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CAM Software

DP Technology (Camarillo, CA) announced a comprehensive product update, called ESPRIT 2020, for their computeraided manufacturing (CAM) software. Among the most significant developments are updates to the software’s computer-aided design (CAD) interfaces and new or improved solutions for specific machine tools. ESPRIT 2020 features plentiful updates for Swiss-type machining, a technique defined by its small, often intricate parts.

ESPRIT’s 2020 update introduces or enhances support for 200 different Swiss-type machine models, including Citizen D25, which features three channels, 3x Y-axis, 3x Z-axis, B-axis front and back; Star SV 38R, which features three channels and a B-axis; Tsugami SS38, a chucker-convertible sliding headstock lathe with B-axis; Tornos machines; seamless integration of laser cutting operations for Tsugami and Citizen; and Willemin-Macodel MT series machines.

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5-Axis Bridge-Type Machining Center

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. (Sudbury, MA) has introduced the all-new Methods MB 450U Simultaneous 5-Axis Bridge-Type Machining Center. Due to the FANUC 31i-MB5 control, this machine is able to perform full five-axis precision machining of challenging parts, significantly reducing the need for multiple setups. The FANUC 31i-MB5 Simultaneous 5-Axis control has a 15" color display and includes a range of powerful standard features including a 2 GB data server, Manual Guide I, AICC II 600 Block Look Ahead, 1 MB of NC memory and 0.4 ms Block Processing Time. The FANUC control offers collision detection with a 3D interference check and a Fast Package III with tool center point control.

The Methods MB 450U features a 15,000 RPM Big Plus, 40-Taper Spindle with air-oil lubrication and a spindle chiller for longevity. A 15-HP hollow shaft spindle motor with 1,000 psi (70 bar) coolant-thru spindle prep and couple is also standard. The new MB 450U 5-Axis Bridge-Type Machining Center includes a large capacity, dual swing armtype 48-tool automatic tool changer. Travel is 15.7" (400 mm) on the X-axis and 13.8" (350 mm) on the Y and Z-axes. The B-axis has -50°~ +110° tilting capability and the rotary C-axis has a 360° rotation angle.

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Rugged Video Encoder

Delta Digital Video (Horsham, PA) announced a new addition to their line of rugged H.265 video encoders. The Model 7840R 4-Channel H.265 Video Encoder is a rugged, HD/SD video encoder extending support for multi-channel applications while maintaining the same size, weight, and power of the dualchannel unit, Model 7820R 2-Channel HD/SD H.265 Rugged Video Encoder.

The Model 7840R provides flexibility with simultaneous support for H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 (AVC), along with both HD/SD-SDI and composite video formats. It is built on an advanced, low-power multimedia architecture that provides the horsepower for the computationally intensive H.265 algorithm, providing bandwidth efficiency for multi-channel applications. This increased efficiency allows for more channels to be transmitted over a given bandwidth, better quality video for constrained bandwidth applications, or lower bandwidth operation to extend the limits of ISR and flight test operations.

Delta Digital Video’s Rugged Video Encoders are designed for harsh airborne, ground-mobile, and shipboard environments. The highly reliable Rugged Video Encoders compress and multiplex sensor video, audio, and metadata for realtime, low latency transmission to remote ground stations and downstream processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) systems.

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Digital Factory Planning Tools

The latest version of 3D_Evolution Simplifier conversion and simplification software from CoreTechnologie (CT) (Moembris, Germany) is now also available with a new DGN interface, completing the wide range of interfaces and formats for all major digital factory planning tools.

The 3D_Evolution software reads 3D formats such as CATIA, JT, CREO, NX, Solidworks and STEP without a CAD license and automatically generates envelope geometries based on the exact, original model. The technology extracts the inner geometry of the models and creates an outer shell as a closed volume for conversion into CAD or factory planning systems such as Microstation, Process Simulate or PDMS.

In addition to deleting the internal geometry, holes, fonts, radii and other details that are unnecessary for the planning process are also removed. Subsequently, the internal bodies can be identified and automatically deleted by a so-called “Shrinkwrap” tool. Only bodies that are visible from the outside and relevant for the planning process, are retained. In all stages of simplification and conversion, healing functions ensure that geometry errors in the CAD models are analyzed and cleaned up.

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Load-Indicating Fasteners

Critical joints require controlled bolting throughout their service life to maintain performance, enhance safety, save time, and improve uptime. Valley Forge & Bolt’s (Phoenix, AZ) family of load-indicating fasteners makes it possible to monitor bolted joints after installation and to always know fastener tension regardless of the service interval. Accurate to within +/-5% of minimum yield of the fastener, and ASTM F2482 compliant, now bolted joints can tell you their exact percentage of load at any time.

This load-indicating fastener technology is available in Valley Forge products Maxbolt™ Load Indicating Fasteners and the SPC4™ Load Indicating System. Each fastener tells you its percentage of minimum yield on a 0 to 100 scale using either a built-in meter (Maxbolt) or, in the case of bolts with SPC4 technology, using quickconnect meters or wireless sensors to provide a precise measure of the load. Wirelesscompatible SPC4 can even be integrated into a plant’s condition monitoring system for remote readings and in-use monitoring.

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SOSA-Aligned 100GbE VPX Storage Boards

Annapolis Micro Systems (Annapolis, MD) has developed next-generation 100GbE Storage Boards that are SOSA™-aligned and VITA 65-compliant. They are designed to handle the highest bandwidth and highest density data recording requirements. The WILDSTAR™ 6SN0 6U OpenVPX Storage Board features 64.0 TB of capacity in a single 1" 6U slot, and up to 10 GB/sec read/write bandwidth. The 6SN0 is now shipping. The WILDSTAR™ 3SN0 3U OpenVPX Storage Board features 32.0 TB of capacity in a single 1" 3U slot, and up to 5 GB/sec read/write bandwidth. Orders are now being accepted for 3SN0, with shipping starting in June 2020.

These boards feature a powerful Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoC, which allows for standalone operation, and for several interfaces that can operate simultaneously. Options include PCIe, Aurora, 40/100GbE, and user-defined protocols. The MPSoC also delivers multiple levels of hardware and software security. Industry-leading bandwidth is made possible by 25 Gbps+ FPGA transceivers and high-density MULTIGIG RT3 backplane interconnects, which deliver 100 Gb per fat pipe. VITA 66 optical I/O is available to the backplane or front panel.

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