2U MicroTCA Chassis

Pixus Technologies (Waterloo, Ontario) now offers a 2U high rackmount MicroTCA chassis holding a range of AdvancedMCs. The 2U MicroTCA chassis comes with 1 MCH (MicroTCA Carrier Hub) slot and 7 AdvancedMCs (AMCs) standard. The backplane supports 40 GbE and PCIe Gen3 speed signals. Other backplane sizes and configurations are available upon request.

The chassis platform has the card cage recessed within the enclosure, providing protection for the AMCs and the cabling. The left side of the card cage is raised slightly to allow for cabling to be channeled to the rear of the enclosure. The rear of the chassis is extra deep with a cavity for mounting various devices, including RF modules. The pluggable power module slots are located securely within the rear of the chassis and are cabled over to the rear panel. Single or dual redundant power options are available.

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Integrated Measurement Assembly Platforms

RPI UK (Bath, UK) has supplied five integrated measurement assembly platforms (iMAPs) to Rolls-Royce and its approved MRO facilities. RPI's iMAP, which can reduce inspection times by 90% and improve gauge repeatability and reproducibility by up to 10-times, will be used by Rolls-Royce to measure and assemble engine turbine rotors at its sites in Derby and Germany.

iMAP's data acquisition software, AccuScan, enables manufacturers to measure up to 4,000 data points on up to eight surfaces simultaneously per revolution, thereby significantly reducing process times compared with other available methods. This inspection data is then used by IntelliStack, iMAP's Rotor Stacking Program, to solve the mathematical problem of how to best assemble a multi-stage rotor assembly to achieve minimum runout or unbalance of the finished rotor.

Specifically designed to inspect large and heavy components, RPI's iMAP machines combine a motorized high precision air bearing rotary axis, rigid column unit, anti-vibration granite base and AccuScan multi-channel circular geometry inspection software.

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Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Tektronix, Inc., (Beaverton, OR) has launched the AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator with new features that enable it to fully support the testing of complex electronic warfare and wireless communications systems that require the ability to dynamically alter signal sequences during test scenarios.

The Streaming Waveform ID feature provides users with immediate access to a total of 16,383 sequence steps through a direct Ethernet interface. For wireless communications research, engineers can now change modulation types on the fly to simulate Doppler radars, building obstructions or other obstacles to improve orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal durability in real-world deployments. The new AWG70000B Series also includes support for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system to meet IT security mandates for instrument operation in government agencies and corporate IT departments.

The AWG70000B Series provides up to 50 GSamples/s, 10-bit vertical resolution and spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of up to -80 dBc. This enables generation of highly precise RF signals and gives users high confidence in their measurement stimulus system. The signal generator works with advanced SourceXpress PC-based software to simplify and accelerate test signal creation.

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High-Speed End Launch Connectors

Fairview Microwave Inc. (Irvine, CA) has introduced a new extended series of mmWave, removable, end-launch, PCB connectors that consists of 16 models operating in a wide bandwidth that supports high data rates and VSWR as low as 1.10:1. They are offered with four end launch connector interface options: 1.0mm (110 GHz), 1.85mm (67 GHz), 2.92mm (40 GHz) and 2.4mm (50 GHz).

These high-performance, end launch connectors are reusable and don't require any soldering. Some of the models in this line feature reduced profiles with a 0.350-inch mounting width, allowing for more launches to fit into the same PCB area. These connectors are offered in male and female versions and are constructed with an outer conductor made of stainless steel and a gold-plated beryllium copper center contact.

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