5-Axis Machining Centers

Doosan Machine Tools (Pine Brook, NJ) recently introduced its new DVF Series of compact 5-axis machining centers. The DVF 5000 comes standard with an 18,000 RPM integral 40 taper spindle. A FANUC 31iB5 CNC controller makes full 5-axis simultaneous control possible, giving complete contouring capabilities. It also features a 500 mm diameter (630 mm option) built-in rotary table. Available table supports allow a maximum weight of 880 lbs and minimize any table deflection. The rotary table is designed for user-friendliness and consummate work efficiency, minimizing interference as the part is machined. Doosan also offers a DVF 5000 5-Face version with a FANUC 0iMF CNC controller and a 12,000 RPM directly-coupled spindle.

The DVF 8000 is a larger full 5-axis machining center that incorporates many of the features of the DVF 5000, but has a larger (800 mm diameter) rotary table which can support a maximum weight of 3,086 lbs. Each machine comes with a 60-tool servo-driven automatic tool changer that can be expanded up to 120 tools, giving the customer more tooling to tackle complex parts that have varying profiles. An oil cooled spindle controls heat to minimize thermal issues.

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Automation Solutions

Fastems LLC (West Chester, OH) has a broad array of automation solutions aimed to handle high mix, low volume production available. Among its more popular modules are its recently renewed FMS ONE, a fully configurable machine tool pallet automation system. Further, the latest generation of Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) is being highlighted showing its new features for manually operated work cells, and its extended capability for controlling robotic automation. This new software was only recently launched at IMTS. Additionally, a compact loading robot cell called Halter Load Assistant was recently demonstrated in partnership with Halter CNC.

Fastems’ automation equipment includes a variety of extendable and flexible manufacturing systems, robot applications, and control software; stacker cranes; conveyors; loading/unloading stations; pallet magazines and assembly organizers; and raw material stations to name a few. These automation systems have open interfaces and can be incorporated with virtually any modern CNC machine tool and auxiliary equipment brands. Typical applications range from joining two machine tools together with Flexible Palletized Container (FPC) to highly sophisticated, factory-wide flexible manufacturing systems.

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Circle-Segment End Mills

Emuge Corp. (West Boylston, MA) has introduced “circle-segment” cutters, an innovative class of end mills designed to enable substantially more material removal with fewer passes in 5-Axis machining, over 80% cycle time reductions and up to 50% smoother surface finishes. Circle-segment tools are a totally new end mill design, exclusive to Emuge

Emuge circle-segment solid-carbide end mills are offered in four geometries: barrel-shaped, oval form, taper form and lens shape. Oval and taper form mills are ideal for curved shapes such as blades or straight-walled pockets, freely engaging more of the cutting edge. Barrel design mills provide highly effective flank milling to the sides of spiral grooves and similar applications, while lens shape mills excel in narrow channels or in lands on molds.

Specific CAM system software, such as hyperMill (Open Mind) or Mastercam® recent versions are required to support and compute the geometries of Emuge circle-segment end mills to achieve the performance levels the tools were designed for.

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Measurement Software

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence (North Kingstown, RI) has launched PC-DMIS 2018 R2, the latest edition of its measurement software. This is the second of two major releases that were scheduled for PC-DMIS in 2018, with continued service pack updates to ensure maximum reliability of the platform.

PC-DMIS 2018 R2 introduces a new reporting workflow, making it easier to create customized reports with simple drag and drop and an intuitive slideshow-style interface. A new QuickPath tool expands on existing QuickFeature functionality to simplify feature creation with a safe path. PC-DMIS 2018 R2 also introduces the ability to add run charts from qs-STAT into the PC-DMIS report. Improved Probe Utility allows users to mark favorite tip configurations, create required tip angles by simply clicking on CAD, and buy replacements with Shopping Cart tools; a new e-Store is coming soon to here.

Other notable improvements within PC-DMIS include a new 2D Radius Gauge for quick checks on the go, added MoveInspect XR8 support, improved QuickFixture workflow with snap-to-grid capability, NX 12 DCI and Catia v5 R27 DCI & DCT support, added support for the HP-L-5.8 sensor, improved Q-DAS support, added Measurement Strategy Editor parameter sets, and Vero SMIRT integration.

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Additive Manufacturing Software

The additive manufacturing Software 4D_Additive from CT Core Technologie GmbH (Moembris, Germany) has interfaces for an independent and precise data exchange with all common CAD systems and 3D Printers. It supports CAD formats such as Catia, Nx, Solidworks, Jt, Step and many others. The tool comprises various additive manufacturing specific functions like automatic nesting and support generation.

The mature geometry kernel of 4D_Additive is equipped with sophisticated 3D data analysis and repair tools as well as direct modeling capabilities based on the exact BRep.

This technology ensures watertight models that do not deviate from the original CAD model like “tesselated” i.e. approximated models in STL format. The system offers functions e.g. for direct modeling, generation of offset surfaces and defeaturing to enable a precise modification of critical areas as well as the reduction of complexity and an efficient error compensation. Freely selectable scaling parameters allow the models to be scaled differently along the three major axes to compensate for shrinkage or distortion.

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