Defense-Grade FPGAs

Xilinx, Inc. (San Jose, CA) announced availability of its Defense-grade XQ UltraScale+ portfolio of products, providing the benefits of its UltraScale+ architecture plus extended temperature and ruggedized packages to address the needs of the aerospace and defense industry. The new products encompass the XQ Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoCs and RFSoCs, as well as XQ Ultra-Scale+ Kintex® and Virtex ® FPGAs.

The XQ UltraScale+ product portfolio includes the industry's first defense-grade heterogeneous multiprocessor SoC devices, combining flexible and dynamically reconfigurable high-performance programmable logic and DSP, 16Gb/s and 28Gb/s transceivers, quad-core Arm ® Cortex™-A53 embedded processors, and dual-core Arm Cortex-R5 embedded processors. In addition, optionally available features include high-speed 4Gsps ADCs and 6.4Gsps DACs, Arm Mali™-400 GPU, 4k60 H.265/H/264 video codec, and ruggedized packages with support of -55°C to 125°C and 256-bit physical unclonable function (PUF).

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) Materials and Services

Goodfellow (Coraopolis, PA) offers a new line of additive manufacturing (AM) materials and services that can be expertly tailored to the design, function and product life of an application. Raw materials currently being offered include: metal, alloy and ceramic powders; metal and alloy wires; and polymer monofilaments.

In terms of manufacturing services, Goodfellow can provide comprehensive AM services, from initial drawing to post-production finishing. To be more specific, Goodfellow has the capability to: fine-tune your component design or create the design for you; assist in choosing the best AM process for achieving your desired results; produce finished parts using AM technology or, if more appropriate, traditional manufacturing methods; provide materials or finished parts in quantities from prototype to large-volume production.

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Tolerance Compensation Clamps

Destaco (Auburn Hills, MI) recently launched its TCC-2E Series Tolerance Compensation Clamps (TCC) that are designed to provide greater flexibility in welding and assembly applications requiring the clamping of components of differing thicknesses or tighter tolerances. The new TCC-2E model, which is directly interchangeable with Destaco's 82M-3E Series Power Clamps, is especially suitable for flexible manufacturing applications in the automotive and aircraft industries.

The TCC-2Es are available in a variety of sizes. They feature an enclosed body that protects the internal mechanism and have been tested to be maintenance-free for 3 million operating cycles. Various cylinder designs with unlockable non-return check valves, hold-open devices and rod-lock units are available to meet the needs of every unique application.

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Pico-ITX Single Board Computer

WinSystems (Arlington, TX) announced its Intel E-3800 processor-based computing platform in the Pico-ITX form factor. Measuring a mere 3.9 inches by 2.8 inches (100 mm by 72 mm), the ITX-P-3800 delivers low-power performance, endurance and versatility. The proven design of this rugged single board computer (SBC) accelerates time to market for new products while assuring that they will perform reliably in critical applications for many years – even under harsh operating conditions. Equally important, it gives embedded and industrial IoT designers the flexibility to create unique designs via easy-to-use expansion and configuration settings.

ITX-P-3800 single board computers include dual Ethernet and four USB channels, and accommodate a wide range of DC input power: + 9V to + 36V. They combine powerful Intel E3800 processors with a functional I/O set including four RS-232 serial ports plus a Mini-PCle connector for easy expansion. The smaller header-based connectors allow the SBC to be used within a small box or container.

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Composite Forming Facility

Rhodes Interform (Wakefield, UK), a specialist in bespoke composite and metal forming machinery, has recently completed the installation and testing of a ‘world class’ composite forming facility at the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in the UK. The state-of-the art facility, comprised of a 10,000 kN hydraulic press with six axis loading, high pressure RTM, twin die transfer tables, thermal fluid heating system and die splitter, is capable of a wide range of composite forming including Open and Closed Molding, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Prepreg, Compression Molding and Thermoplastics. The project attracted funding from the Government's Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI). The machine will be available for use by companies looking to develop their composite capability through Research and Development.

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Dual Tank/Dual Action Ultrasonic Agitation Flow Cleaner

Omegasonics (Simi Valley, CA) recently introduced the new 815BTX, an innovative dual tank bench top ultrasonic cleaning machine. The model's left tank utilizes Bio-Solv, a biodegradable, non-hazmat cleaning detergent developed by Plural that is far superior to sodium-hydroxide (NaOh). Alternatively, the unit's right tank simply uses hot water. Its programmable dual action cleans 3D parts safely and efficiently. Ultrasonic technology is used to optimize the cleaning of precision areas and is combined with agitation to thoroughly remove support material. The 815BTX also features programmable alternating cycles to provide hands-off cleaning from start to finish.

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Shop Management Software

Adion Systems (Vancouver BC), developers of ProShop software, recently debuted a new generation of shop management software ideal for Industry 4.0 practitioners. ProShop offers an integrated, comprehensive set of modules for managing the shop's typical ERP operations. In addition to “front office” activities such as estimating, quoting and purchasing, ProShop includes MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and QMS (Quality Management System) control, monitoring and collection capabilities. Among the MES functions are: tracking machine utilization, cutting tool management, media-rich work instructions, part inspection data, and more, including integration with coordinate measuring machine data.

ProShop also offers an integrated, comprehensive set of modules for managing the shop's QMS such as ISO-9000, AS9100, API and ISO 13485. These include standards, equipment, users, training, audit reports, non-conformance reports, corrective actions and the like, basically all of the tasks required to be in compliance with the various quality systems in place at the worksite. The program may be hosted in the cloud or on site, depending on the customer's preference.

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