Round TFT LCD Displays

Data Image (Winter Park, FL) has announced new round TFT LCD color displays in two sizes: 3" and 4.2" in diameter. They can be used as digital avionics, power meters, speedometers, rpm gauges, temperature indicators, strain gauges, volt/current meters or a simple clock. The display can show a single gauge or display multiple parameters. The formats for the displays are 432 × 432 for the 3" and 720 × 720 for the 4.2". Both have a brightness of 1000 nits typical and wide viewing angles thanks to the IPS glass technology used on both versions. Both have wide temperature rating. They are available with or without capacitive touch panels for user interface.

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System-on-Chip Design Suite

Microsemi Corporation (Aliso Viejo, CA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology Inc., announced a new release of the Libero ® system-on-chip (SoC) PolarFire Design Suite, introducing lower static power devices to the PolarFire field-programmable-gate array (FPGA) family. The Libero SoC PolarFire Design Suite v2.2 gives designers access to “L” series PolarFire devices which deliver 30 percent lower static power over standard PolarFire FPGAs, making them ideal for low power portable defense and professional grade consumer systems.

With FPGAs, software is as important as the caliber of FPGAs being utilized for design. The newly enhanced design suite enables faster design completion with a 15 percent improvement in runtime for place and route, together with a 2.5x runtime improvement for programming file generation. The latest software release further reduces design flow bottlenecks with new support for pre-design transceiver modeling

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Hermetically Sealed Capacitors

MH series hermetically sealed capacitors from Electronic Concepts, Inc. (Eatontown, NJ) are specifically designed for 400 Hz AC filtering in high reliability applications. The proprietary dry-film dielectric system, originally developed for direct mounting on aircraft generators, offers an extended operational temperature range to 125°C without voltage derating. The capacitors are hermetically sealed for superior moisture protection.

ECI’s 125°C metallized dielectric system, combined with unique proprietary process development, yields superior performance and electrical characteristics to traditional 125°C dielectric choices like polycarbonate or PPS. The low loss dielectric system also offers higher corona inception voltages than metallized polycarbonate, and superior self-healing to metallized PPS. 100% of production is dual screened at 125°C burn-in for peak DC equivalent and 400 Hz AC rating.

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Tethered Drone Cables

GORE® Tethered Drone Cables from W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Landenberg, PA) combine power and fiber optic cables with durable, lighter-weight materials in a hybrid solution.

They have a dielectric that is 20 percent smaller than standard nylon cables, which means they take up less space inside the TMS system.

The single-mode fiber optic cable meets ARINC 802-2 requirements and is proven to provide a high level of crush resistance with low insertion loss, ensuring a secure data link from the drone to the ground support equipment (GSE). In addition, Gore’s patent-pending fiber braid cable jacket is low friction and resists abrasion induced during operation or by the TMS. This low-friction jacket also makes it easier to handle Gore’s tethered drone cables compared to standard nylon cables.

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7" Touch Panel Computer

Technologic Systems (Fountain Hills, AZ) recently unveiled the TS-TPC-7990 Touch Panel Computer (TPC). Built on the NXP i.MX6 Cortex-A9 ARM CPU and available in a Solo or Quad Core configuration, this touch panel computer can provide end-users with true, next-generation graphical experience with high-definition video, 2D, or 3D graphics. The TS-TPC-7990 comes in either a resistive or capacitive screen making it an ideal solution for any application that requires a touch-based human machine interface (HMI).

For use in the field, the TS-TPC-7990 has a mPCIe slot which can accommodate a host of options and diverse set of I/O capacities. An onboard mSATA connection is ideal for applications requiring access to large reliable data storage. I/O interfaces include four RS-232 ports, three RS-485 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a USB Host Port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and 10/100 Ethernet port, two CAN bus, one I2C, one SPI and nine GPIO.

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Modular Rackmount Enclosure

Pixus Technologies (Waterloo, Ontario) now offers modular subrack/enclosure configurations that facilitate a mix of 6U boards and 3U boards to be used in the same enclosure. The segmentation also allows the use of dual 3U segments. The Pixus modular 19" rackmount enclosures have been used in various systems to provide a 2nd set of 3U boards to be stacked above another row of 3U boards. The designs include versions in OpenVPX, CompactPCI, and custom backplane architectures. Pixus also offers specialized rugged rails for the high insertion forces of 6U OpenVPX. The company has additionally applied the hybrid 3U/6U approach for horizontal-mount designs. For example, a 1U chassis can facilitate one each of the two board sizes.

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Compact Linear Induction Motor

H2W Technologies (Santa Clarita, CA) engineers have developed a compact Linear Induction Motor (LMAA-04-01) that can generate 10.6 lbs [47 N] at a 15% duty cycle. Operating at 208 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz, the synchronous velocity of this LIM is 160 in/sec [4 m/s]. This LIM was designed for high speed operation; however, it can also be operated at stall (zero speed) to produce static thrust. This motor is encapsulated using high temperature 350°F [176°C] potting compound which protects the components and seals it from moisture.

A non-contacting, high-speed, linear motor measuring just 8.7 in. [223 mm] long × 3.0 in. [75 mm] wide × 1.7 in. [43 mm] high, this LIM operates on the same principal as a rotary, squirrel cage, induction motor. They are typically used in applications that do not require positioning. The 3-phase coil assembly can be directly connected to the AC line for single speed applications or to an adjustable frequency drive for variable speed control of the motor. The motors are reversible and can also be dynamically braked.

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