TE Connectivity’s (TE) (Berwyn, PA) new ARISO Contactless Connectivity system, available from Mouser Electronics (Mansfield, TX), is a hybrid interconnect system that allows for both power and data to be sent over short distances without any mechanical contact between the two couplers. This permits easy connectivity through materials such as walls, fluids, dust, and harsh atmospheric conditions. Power transfer of up to 12W along with eight PNP channels can be sent between the couplers, which can move at an angle and be subjected to intense vibration without losing signals.

Each coupler contains two transmission mechanisms. On the outside of each coupler is a tightly wrapped circular coil, providing the inductive transfer of power across short distances to a second coupler. On the inside of the circular coil is a loop antenna which allows the transfer of data between the two couplers. Behind each coupler are electronics that manage the transfers and provide an interface to the external devices that are attached to each coupler. The system allows for the transmission of power and data over a distance of 7mm and allows for a misalignment of up to 5mm between the two couplers.

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