GE Intelligent Platforms (Huntsville, AL) recently announced the RARXMC ARINC 429 High Density XMC Interface for deployment on many single board computers. Designed for embedded, laboratory and simulator applications, the RARXMC supports maximum data throughput on all channels while providing onboard message scheduling, label filtering, multiple buffering options, receive message time-tagging and error detection, and IRIG-B receiver (AM or DC/TTL) and generator (DC/TTL).

Up to 16 transmit and 32 receive channels are available, with configurations supporting fixed and software-programmable transmit/receive channels. Configurations with support for ARINC 717 are optionally available. Dual-mode functionality supports either ARINC 717 HBP (Harvard Bi-Phase) or BPRZ (Bi-Polar Return to Zero) across a range of bit rate/subframe combinations. Included with the RAR-XMC is GE’s flexible, high-level, API (Application Programming Interface) support for Windows® 7, Vista, XP, VxWorks® and Linux® Kernel Versions 2.6 and 3.x.

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