Microsemi Corporation (Aliso Viejo, CA) has announced availability of its RTG4™ high-speed signal processing radiation-tolerant FPGA family. The RTG4’s reprogrammable flash technology offers complete immunity to radiation-induced configuration upsets in the harshest radiation environments, requiring no configuration scrubbing, unlike SRAM FPGA technology. RTG4 supports space applications requiring up to 150,000 logic elements and up to 300 MHz of system performance.

Key product features include: up to 150,000 logic elements, each with a four-input combinatorial look-up table (LUT4) and a flip-flop with built-in single event upset (SEU) and single event transient (SET) mitigation; system performance up to 300 MHz; 24 serial transceivers with operation from 1 Gb/sec to 3.125 Gb/sec; 16 SEU- and SET-protected SpaceWire clock and data recovery circuits; 462 SEU- and SET-protected multiply-accumulate mathblocks; more than 5 Mbits of onboard SEU-protected SRAM; single event latch-up (SEL) and configuration memory upset immunity; total ionizing dose (TID) beyond 100 Krad.

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