Concurrent Technologies (Colchester, UK) has announced VP B1x/msd, a 6U VME board based on a 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processor. The headline variant of VP B1x/msd uses the quad-core i7-4700EQ processor that features new instructions to enhance vector processing and security along with improved graphics capability. Variants are also offered based on i5-4410E and i5-4422E processors for dual core based performance and power optimized solutions. All processor variants include Intel HD Graphics 4600 which has 20 execution units and can support three simultaneous display outputs.

A front or rear VGA port is provided for backwards compatibility with previous boards. Up to two DVI-D interfaces and a DisplayPort connection are available as options for applications needing high resolution digital display support. A 2.5-inch drive can be accommodated on-board for mass storage.

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