The Teledyne LeCroy M-PHY Multi-lead Probe allows developers using an embedded MPHY bus in their PCB designs to tap into the signal traces directly and capture bus traffic for protocol analysis and debugging. The probe allows for individual connection to each separate transmit-pair and receive- pair of each serial lane, allowing flexibility to connect to any accessible points on the surface of the PCB. Each connection uses a high-impedance electrical probe to minimize perturbation of the M-PHY bus signals, while providing reliable capture of all M-PHY traffic.

The probe will connect to a Teledyne LeCroy Eclipse X34 M-PHY Protocol Analyzer via a multi-lead probe pod. Support is provided for M-PHY data rates of GEAR1, GEAR2 and GEAR3, and at lane widths from x1 to x4. Each individual lane connection is made by using two 294 mm (11.6") extender coax cables connecting into 71 mm (2.8”) flextip connectors which each are attached to an individual transmit-pair or receive-pair on the surface of the PCB.

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