MEN Micro Inc. (Blue Bell, PA) has released the CS1, an FPGA chip with an integrated AFDX protocol that provides a flexible alternative for communication in airplanes. The customizable CS1 enables users to build AFDX-based communication systems independent of a form factor. Specifically designed for the demands of safety-critical avionic applications, the new chip is a DO-254-compliant FPGA, certifiable up to DAL-A, with DAL-D certification support package available in March 2015. Developed according to ARINC 664P7-1, and in consideration of the specific Airbus and Boeing AFDX requirements, the CS1 can be used in applications of both airplane suppliers.

The CS1 is also offered in MEN Micro’s P522 PMC I/O mezzanine card–available as a COTS product—that can be used as an alternative to PMCs already on the market, or for evaluation purposes.

The CS1 supports two full duplex AFDX networks based on standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and applies protocol stack implementation. With up to 255 receive VLs (Virtual Links) and 64 transmit VLs, the chip ensures safe and deterministic data transfer through determined bandwidths.

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