The DiSTI Corporation (Orlando, FL) has commercialized their scalable tool chain and process for producing 3-D virtual maintenance training environments. Previously only available in conjunction with DiSTI’s professional services, the Virtual Environment Software Development Kit is now productized as VE Studio and allows users to engineer their own virtual environments for maintenance training.

The foundation of VE Studio is the Fidelity Matrix, a relational database that correlates requirements, 3D objects, 2D support equipment, environment properties, and constraints that feed the automated build and testing tools. The tools that populate and reference the Fidelity Matrix include: Requirements Analyzer, an optional tool to analyze job procedures that in turn auto-populate the Fidelity Matrix with the objects and actions needed to complete the tasks; a graphical user interface for creating and modifying Fidelity Matrix content (FM Editor), a 3ds Max plug-in to associate 3-D model geometry with objects in the Fidelity Matrix (MaxLink), VE Builder, and VE Tester.

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