Model A3P-68N-3 from G.T. Microwave (Randolph, NJ) is a digitally controlled PIN diode attenuator that operates from 6.0-18.0 GHz. It is capable of 32 dB range in 0.125 monotonic dB steps with a supply voltage of +/-12 to +/- 15 VDC @ +/- 100 mA. The attenuation flatness is +/- 2.0 dB and the operating temperature range of 0 to +50°C with a coefficient of +/- 0.03 degrees. With a maximum V.S.W.R. of 1.9:1 and an insertion loss less than 3.25 dB. This device operates with a handling power of +13 dBm CW, 1.0 Watt max; via 8 BITs of TTL compatible binary logic and a switching speed less than 1.0 μSec max. The package size is 2.00 × 2.50 × 0.75 inch.

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