EMAC (Carbondale, IL) has introduced the iPAC-9X25, an ARM-embedded single board computer, based on the Atmel AT91SAM9X25 processor. The technology has an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and utilizes 4GB of eMMC Flash, 16MB of Serial Data Flash (for boot), and 128 MB of DDR RAM.

The iPac-9X25, a Web-enabled micro-controller, can run an embedded server and display the current monitored or logged data. The Web connection is available via two 10/100 Base T Ethernet ports or 802.11 wireless Wi-Fi networking when using the proper Linux modules and adapters. The micro-controller has all connectors brought out as headers on a board.

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This article first appeared in the October, 2014 issue of Aerospace & Defense Technology Magazine.

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