The LibertyGT™ 1200B from RADX Technologies (San Diego, CA) combines RADX real-time measurement science software and firmware with NI PXI modules and NI LabVIEW system design software. The 1200B, a programmable benchtop Software Defined Synthetic Instrument (SDSI), is housed in an integrated, field-service-optimized benchtop enclosure equipped with a comprehensive RF Interface Unit (RFIU) and High-Definition (HD) touchscreen display. With its LabVIEW software framework, multicore Intel® Core™ i7-based embedded controller and multiple Xilinx® FPGA processing capabilities, the 1200B supports the integration of user Test Procedure Sets (TPS), user programs and scripts via industry standard APIs, and languages such as Lab-VIEW, IVI, Python, and XML.

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