Engine fuel pump bushings

Metallized Carbon Corp.’s Metcar carbon-graphite bushings offer advantages over traditional metals for use in gear pumps that pump aviation fuel for aircraft engines. The carbon-graphite bushings are used to support both the drive gear shaft and the idler gear shaft. The bushings are preferred for this application because they can use aviation fuel as the bushing lubricant. The bushings are self-lubricating—they can run dry for short periods of time without catastrophic pump failure or significant wear. In addition, they are dimensionally stable, which permits close bushing-to-shaft running clearances. More detail at http://articles.sae.org/12700 .

Lightweight compression latch

The E3 Vise Action Compression Latch from Southco Inc., delivers robust, vibration-resistant fastening. The latch is suitable for use in a variety of transportation applications and across numerous other industries. It features lightweight, aluminum construction and provides higher strength and superior cycle life for heavy-duty installations. Commonality with existing products allows for simplified installation. More detail at http://articles.sae.org/12701 .

Microwave analog signal generators

Agilent Technologies Inc.’s N5183B MXG and N5173B EXG microwave analog signal generators provide the signal purity, output power, and modulation developers need for advanced radar, electronic-warfare, and satellite-communications applications. The N5183B MXG analog offers accuracy and efficiency in two rack units. Its best-in-class phase noise of less than -124 dBc/Hz (at 10 GHz, 10 kHz off-set) and -75 dBc spurious enables module- and system-level testing up to 40 GHz. It also accelerates the calibration of complex systems with best-in-class switching speed of less than 600 μs. More detail at http://articles.sae.org/12702 .

High-power TIG welders

The Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 TIG welders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. deliver more power and can weld metal up to 3/8 in thick, yet are significantly lighter, more portable, and use less energy than machines of similar output capabilities. Weighing 52 lb and 47 lb, respectively, the Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 deliver up to 280 A of output power along with a smooth, stable arc to handle any job from small to large. More detail at http://articles.sae.org/12698 .

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