GE Intelligent Platforms (Huntsville, AL) recently introduced the rugged IBX400 6U OpenVPX InfiniBand® Switch Fabric Module. The module complements GE’s existing GBX460 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Fabric Module, offering an alternative InfiniBand-based technology.

The IBX400 provides high-speed data connectivity to GE’s rugged MOSA (Modular Open Systems Architecture) board-level technology sets, which include the latest RDMA-enabled Intel® Core™i7 single board computers, multiprocessors, NVIDIA® CUDA™ GPUs, and PMC/XMC carrier cards.

Features of the IBX400 include: DDR InfiniBand data plane with 20 fat pipes and in-band subnet management; a Gigabit Ethernet control plane with 16 ultra-thin pipes and fully-managed layer 2/3 Ethernet switch fabric; and GE’s OpenWare™ control plane switch management with QoS priority and support for IPv6 and IPv4 switching.

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