Creative Electronic Systems SA (Geneva, Switzerland) has announced the FIOV-2310, a 3U OpenVPX™ module with a Xilinx Kintex™-7 325T/410T user-programmable FPGA at its core. The FIOV-2310 allows the configuration of the highspeed links between the FMC connector and various VPX backplane profiles.

The Kintex™-7 FPGA makes it possible to program the backplane interconnect to any of the popular serial fabric protocols. PCI Express support is built-in, while other protocols can also be implemented in the fabric, including SRIO, SFPDP, and Ethernet (up to 10GbE). Onboard clock generators are provided for high precision timing applications, and clock inputs and outputs are available for external synchronization.

The high-pin count (HPC) FMC connector allows access to a wide range of standard FMC modules from CES partners and third parties, including high-end ADCs and DACs, optical and electrical connectors, and a range of avionic and industrial interfaces. 80 LVDS signals and up to 8 high-speed links are available to the FMC.

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