Linx Technologies (Merlin, OR) offers the DP1203 Series radio-only RF transceiver module for the wireless transmission of digital data at rates of up to 152.3 kbps. Operating in the 433, 868, and 915 MHz license-free ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) frequency bands, the module is designed for applications that require full control of the radio channels and configuration without a discrete RF design. The module has a maximum output power of +15 dBm and a receiver sensitivity of –111 dBm. This gives the module a typical line of sight range of 2 to 3 miles (3.2 to 4.8 km) at the maximum output power with typical monopole whip antennas, depending on frequency.

The module contains all of the components necessary for the radio link, but is otherwise completely configurable. All of the transceiver configuration registers are available to optimize the RF link for the application with an external microprocessor through a 3-wire interface. This allows the designer to optimize the module for specific needs. The modules and antennas are the only RF components needed, and tuning is not required.

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