Chassis Plans (San Diego, CA) is now offering the TFX-19, a trifold rackmount LCD monitor in a 2U form factor. Chassis Plans’ TFX Dis plays are rugged, military grade, high-performance, 2U rackmount LCD panel monitors offering three 19-inch TFT LCD displays with per panel resolution of 1280×1024. In addition to exceptional strength, the displays provide expansive working space, along with gas strut assisted opening and lock down. The left/right monitor positions are adjustable.

Two models are available. The standard model, TFX-19B, is designed to meet the following environmental specifications: Altitude (10,000 ft Operational, 30,000 ft Storage); High Temperature (50°C Operational, 60°C Storage); Low Temperature (0°C Operational, -20°C Storage); Humidity (5-95% Noncondensing, Hot-Humid Cycle B-3).

The TFX-19G, a specialty model, is optimal for extreme outdoor environments due to its brightness and ability to operate in widely varied temperatures. The monitor brightness is 1500 cd/m2, making the TFX 19G optimal for outdoor use in bright sunlight. It also has optional EMI protection and safety glass.

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