IS2T (Nantes, France) recently announced MicroEJ® the industry’s first Java platform to support the development and integration of Java-based functionality for low cost, memory-constrained, C and C++ applications running on Cortex M-based microcontrollers. MicroEJ provides a runtime Java platform that includes IS2T’s MicroJvm®, 28 Kbyte Java virtual machine, an optional RTOS (~10 Kbytes), all necessary libraries to run an advanced graphical humanmachine interface (HMI), and a fully functional simulated platform that allows fully debugged and tested binary code to be ported directly to any supported MCU.

The company’s MicroJvm Java virtual machine requires only 28 Kbytes of flash, less than 1.5 Kbytes RAM and has a boot time of just 2 ms at 120 MHz. A fully functional, advanced graphical HMI requires from 90 Kbytes to 140 Kbytes of memory program in total.

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