AIM’s (Trevose, PA) new PXI card model ACX3910-3U-1-EN is the latest addition to the extensive family of PXI cards for avionics databus test and simulation, providing off-the-shelf solutions for any test benches and test systems designed using PXI. Based on the field proven ACX3910-3U-1 STANAG3910 module for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, the ACX3910-3U-1-EN provides all the same powerful functions and features but has an electrical front end and a specific firmware load to support the Rafale project.

AIM includes, at no cost, driver software for WindowsXP/Vista/7, Linux, LabVIEW VI application and LabVIEW RT. The optional™ Databus Test & Analysis Tool (for Windows & Linux) is also available.

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