Mercury Systems, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA) recently announced new thermal management solutions for air-cooled, conduction- cooled and VITA 48 subsystem chassis.

Mercury’s improved air-cooled integrated XMC thermal solution adds “hooks” that connect to a thermal bridge between the card and module, typically reducing mezzanine card temperatures by more than 5° Celsius. This results in a five-fold improvement in MTBF (mean time between failures), while remaining compliant with the VITA 48.1 mechanical specification for air cooling.

The conduction-cooled solution tackles the need to remove heat from mezzanine cards while staying within the ANSI/VITA 20 requirements for conduction-cooled PMCs. Mercury’s advancement calls for the removal of the optional thermal ribs and the addition of a mezzanine cold plate that attaches to the carrier module, creating a cooling area that is up to six times the area of the legacy solution.

Mercury’s Air Flow-By™ (AFB) cooling techniques for VITA 48.7/48.1 circuit card assemblies reduce module weight by more than 20 percent, reduce the power of a typical system by greater than 5 percent, and improve the MTBF by five times. The AFB covers wrap around existing modules to create a sealed environment for protection against dust and contaminants, Level-2 Maintenance (L2M) and EMI shielding (acts as an electrical Faraday cage). The specially designed enclosures draw heat from the internal components to the exterior surface, where air is flowed across both sides of the module for maximum cooling efficiency.

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