Ultraview Corporation (Berkeley, CA) has introduced a new 16-bit 4- channel 250MSPS A/D board for very demanding uses such as NMR, RADAR, ultrasound, time-of-flight imaging, spectroscopy, communications systems and antenna testing and other critical applications. Based on a hardware averaging engine with near-zero dead-time, implemented in the board’s Xilinx&TM FPGA, the ULTRADYNE16-250M×2AVE-8GB-50T/155T and ULTRADYNE16- 250×4AVE-8GB-50T/155T can each average repetitive signal strings up to 1million times with record lengths to 16384 samples (-50T model) and 262144-samples (-155T model) uninterruptedly.

The precise repetitive summing of each new string of samples onto a running 32-bit average can be triggered by any one of three software-selectable triggering mechanisms: a TTL input, with selectable –/+ slope, causes waveforms to be acquired or added to a running average; software slider-adjustable level on the incoming signal waveformon any of the 4 channels, with + or – slope, enabling scope-like triggering, with pre-trigger, on a given place on a repeating waveform; or heterodyning trigger input, where triggering will occur on the difference frequency between this input and the sampling clock frequency.

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