ASSET® InterTech (Richardson, TX) and Teradyne (North Reading, MA) have integrated the JTAG and boundary-scan test capabilities of ASSET's ScanWorks® platform into Teradyne's PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) . The integration provides support for custom and standardized highspeed digital buses in new or legacy test systems.

altScanWorks was integrated through Teradyne's Boundary Scan Runtime Library (TERBSR), a software facility that offers instrument access through an application programming interface. The ScanWorks boundary-scan and JTAG tools are now able to test a circuit board through the communications channels on a Teradyne instrument. The channels connect ScanWorks to the high-speed boundary-scan Test Access Port on the circuit board that is being tested.

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This article first appeared in the February, 2013 issue of Defense Tech Briefs Magazine.

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