With average power below 13 Watts and discrete-class AMD Radeon™ graphics performance integrated into the AMD (Sunnyvale, CA) R-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), applications that previously required a discrete graphics card can be developed in smaller form factors with lower power and cost. The third-generation Unified Video Decoder in the AMD R-Series APU enables the delivery of crisp and clear video for ad content, instructional materials, or live teleconferencing.

For more demanding graphics applications, AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics technology can combine the processing power of AMD RSeries APUs and AMD Radeon™ Embedded 6000 Series GPUs to more than double graphics performance compared to using discrete graphics alone. With between 128 and 384 compute units delivering a calculated 172 to 563 SP GFLOPs of performance, the AMD R-Series APUs help enable a wide range of compute-intensive applications to be built that are low power and fit into small form factors.

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