the DS6000 Series Digital Oscilloscope

Rigol Technologies (Oakwood Village, OH) has introduced the DS6000 series digital oscilloscope, featuring up to 1 GHz bandwidth, 1.5 GHz bandwidth differential, and single-ended active probes. The digital oscilloscopes use advanced waveform search, visualization, and replay to detect signal and device characteristics.

Rigol’s DS6000 series features specifications of up to 1-GHz bandwidth with 5-GSa/s sample rate, a standard 140,000,000 points of deep memory, up to 180,000 frames for waveform record and replay, and up to 180,000 waveforms/second acquisition rate. In addition, DS6000 digital oscilloscopes offer up to 256 levels of intensity-grading display and real-time waveform record and display, with customizable real-time hardware filters available.

With a variety of trigger functions and automatic measurements, Rigol’s DS6000 series features serial bus trigger and decodes such as I2C, SPI, RS232, and CAN, as well as advanced math functions. Rigol also offers a variety of probes and other accessories, including RP6150 passive probes, RP7150 active probes, arm mounts, and rack mount kits. The device features a large 10.1" WVGA display with LED backlighting. DS6000 series oscilloscopes are available in 600 MHz or 1 GHz, and 2- or 4-channel varieties.

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