Predicting cavitation in fuel pumps

The same mesh was used for both the multiple reference frame and the sliding mesh calculations to achieve mesh consistency between the two models for relative comparison and assessment.

Liquid ring pumps are used in aircraft fuel systems in conjunction with main impeller pumps and serve the function of removing fuel vapor and air from the fuel. Thus, their reliable functioning plays a critical role in the safe operation of aircraft during flight. Read more at http://articles.sae.org/12709 .

Boeing examines expanded metal foils for lightning protection of composite structures

A widely used material for lightning strike protection of CFRP structures within the aerospace industry is expanded metal foil (EMF). An issue with EMF is micro cracking of the paint, which can result in corrosion of the metal foil and subsequent loss of conductivity. Read more at http://articles.sae.org/12712 .

Falcon 5X gets advanced avionics

Dassault Aviation has built into its upcoming Falcon 5X flight controls and displays experience not only from the Falcon family of business jets but also from the Rafale multirole combat fighter. Read more at http://articles.sae.org/12728 .

SR-72 flies into 21st century at Mach 6

Lockheed Martin recently confirmed that its Skunk Works engineers are developing a hypersonic aircraft that will go twice the speed of the SR-71 Blackbird, called the SR-72. Read more at http://articles.sae.org/12619 .

Thermal management for fuel-cell systems studied

A cooling architecture should be designed in a way that cooling loops and heat sinks are used by different heat sources, researchers at the Hamburg University of Technology say. Read more at http://articles.sae.org/12737 .