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DSIT Solutions Ltd., a company that specializes in underwater defense and security solutions based on advanced state-of-the-art sonar and acoustics technologies for naval, homeland security and energy applications, recently supplied a NATO country with its PointShield Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS) system. PointShield is a fully automatic, high-performance PDDS system designed for underwater ship and site protection.

The sophisticated PointShield system secures nuclear power facilities, underwater pipelines and cables, naval bases, ports, offshore platforms, and oil and gas terminals, as well as ships of all sizes and displacements. Continuously monitoring over 1,000 sonar contacts simultaneously in real time, PointShield enables rapid detection of underwater threat locations, providing a tactical picture in short- and medium-ranges. Modular with flexible architecture, sensors can cover any required sector from 0° to 360°. Multiple units can work simultaneously, controlled from a single Command & Display unit that provides intuitive displays and menus. The system’s open architecture supports the easy interface with any sensor and C&C system.

Lightweight, compact and portable, PointShield is rapidly deployed and easily moved between sites. Especially robust, it is designed for long-term operation, 24/7/365, in all weather and water conditions. The system can be easily installed using a variety of methods including seabed, pier, tripod, and mooring pile. Providing fully automatic detection, tracking, classification and alerts, PointShield can be operated by security personnel with no special knowledge of sonar systems. For this reason, and due to its minimal maintenance requirements, the system has a very low cost of ownership.

According to DSIT’s VP Business Development and Marketing, Hanan Marom, “The PointShield system delivers a high level of precision and reliability, with a minimum false alarm rate, due to the smart built-in algorithms. About 100 systems of this type are in use around the world.”

DSIT Solutions Ltd. (DSIT) has, for the last three decades, developed and implemented comprehensive defense and protection solutions against various underwater threats, focusing on four main types of solutions: underwater terrain dominance; underwater security; anti-submarine warfare (ASW) systems for surface ships including simulators and trainers; and acoustic systems for underwater platforms including simulators, trainers and acoustic signal analysis (ASA) systems.

DSIT's systems are designed to be user-friendly and simple to operate, using advanced automated signal processing algorithms, to reduce training costs and operator's workload. Their ASW systems, diver detection sonar (DDS) systems, portable acoustic range (PAR) systems, and training systems have been successfully deployed worldwide and used daily by a number of naval, HLS and commercial customers.

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